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The Pursuit of Beauty

I began my current career in art with painting, but since tapping that domino, many other media have entered my eyeline and toolbox. Painting, drawing, singing, and photography have since re-entered my life, and broadened my love for creation.

Photographing the night sky in the mountains surrounding the Okanagan valley, I was reminded of the creation of art via stillness; rather than creating and carving away, photography reminds us that the beauty exists already, we need only pay attention.

It is our perspectives that bring us to see it in different light. There are so many way to look at a single object. The object exists, alone- a tree that has fallen in the forest, an apple that rests in a bowl, the stars hanging in the night sky. They exists, and exude beauty, without us watching. And art- the capturing, the uncovering, the stillness of our attention- becomes the act of connecting to beauty, acknowledging this beauty. Applying the trait "beautiful" comes forth through the act of gratitude.

And gratitude for something's existence... I think we can all agree this is, precisely, beauty. I know this feeling, I remember its warm tears.

I think what I am meditating on the most here, is, that art is defined as an expression of creativity, what does is it, to create? Everything already exists, everything is already beautiful, but this decision to connect to it is what becomes the act of art making. This decision to acknowledge what exists, to be still in these things and just swim in them for a moment. Beauty, uncovered through our mere attention.

Everything exists, we need only direct out attention to it. The act of creation via attention.

Email me if you'd like to share your thoughts with me on this.

- Ang


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