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You may have heard around the city of Kelowna, I am the creator and host of an event called "Ale & Abstract!" Whether the venue has ale involved or not, it's true- I teach unique and inclusive abstract art workshops, not just in the form of the Ale & Abstract ticketed event.


No need for artistic experience, this class is for all ages and skill levels. Whether you're looking to book a workplace team builder, try painting for the first time, expand your current painting abilities, or just relax with a friend at a fun and creative date night, this class is for you.

What is an abstract painting event like?
Depending on the space and the group, I usually host 15-25 guests total, and the event lasts about 2 hours. I have my own paints and tools, and I purchase canvases and other necessary one-time-use bits for my students (you don't need to get any tools). You provide the location and possibly the tables (we'll talk details over email), and I'll provide the painting tools and guidance. We begin with a guided art meditation, I introduce myself and the lesson, discussing what abstract is and what kinds of things we're going to cover. Then I take the class through the creation of their own abstract piece from start to finish, layer by layer.

My "students" learn different painting techniques, some traditional and some bold and non-traditional. They talk with each other, I walk around and help them, help people laugh and open up to their work, and encourage them to take risks and trust themselves. They have the opportunity to follow the direction I guide, or use the paints as they wish to create their own piece they imagine!


As it stands, I'm so pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of my students hang their art at home, they are so pleased with themselves and what they've created.

How does ticket pricing work?

Contact me to get a quote for your space and group size. Prices are based on a number of factors (tables, headcount, expectations, etc), and generally set out in a base price + supplies per person.

When to book?
I would need a couple weeks in advance to prepare, as I purchase canvases and prepare them in advance with texture for the lesson, checking that everything is in order for the space and the number of guests.


If this interests you, I'd love to learn more about what it is you're looking for, and how we can make it work for your group! I'd also need some information on the space where you intend to hold the event, including tables and seating available; as you can see in the images, each student needs a few feet of room to work.

Contact me to get in touch.


- Angie

Are you a business looking to book a private painting event?

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