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Commission Process

For private collections and custom commercial artwork, get in touch and let's work together to make something beautiful and personal for you.


If you are feeling inspired to have your own custom piece created for your space, I would love to hear what you are excited about. When I paint for myself and when I paint for others, every work of art I make must be done in an authentic, profound, and connected way- we will discuss colours, feelings, energy, and even the practical use of the piece, to come to an understanding of what we hope to discover within the piece.

My artwork is priced by size, with a commission base fee of $300. Things I'll need to know to get started include the dimensions, space where you plan to hang the piece, the orientation (horizontal, vertical, or square), and energy you desire from the piece. Photos of your space will be helpful, too, please include those in your email.


Let's get in touch and I'll ask you questions to find out more!

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