Angie Marchinkow is an abstract painter based in British Columbia, Canada.

Since before studying Fine Arts at UBCO 2003, her focus was three dimensional art. She spent time doing backstage work creating props and sets, which led to a focus in sculpture and installation art in university; anything she could make and hold in her hands (or new environments she could build and stand in) was her passion. One could argue that her textured, layered paintings today are evidence of her obsession with tactile creations.


Angie now works mainly with acrylic paint and other media on large canvases, and sometimes wood panels. She is very active and draws much of her inspiration from her experiences outdoors paddle boarding, rock climbing, camping, and hiking, and then returns to her studio to document her experiences with emotive forms and marks. With that, her work is often a combination of abstracted landscapes, blended with the expression of movement and emotion, sometimes using her entire body to apply the materials. By adding, layering, and washing away paint, Angie leaves breadcrumbs of her choices in the pursuit of beauty. You are invited to follow her expressive process-driven gestures, bold brush strokes, and energetic colours from start to finish, as they give her work a sense of liberation and a vitality of spirit.  


Her practice sways between an intuitive process, and a representation of her environment. She uses art to express the delicate balance between control and emotion, giving her carefully constructed paintings a false impression of simplicity. 


Although her focus is mainly abstract expressionism, she sometimes takes her practice outside to directly examine and capture the gorgeous landscapes of BC. In the summer of 2019 she created an event she calls “Ale & Abstract”- her own wine-and-paint style event, but with a twist; instead of wine and simple still life, she invites her guests to enjoy craft beer while she guides them through the creation of an abstract painting. Her goal is to help expose more people to experiencing authentic emotional expression through the liberating practice of abstract painting.


You can view her painting gallery on her website and instagram, and follow along for event news by subscribing to her mailing list.

Follow her excursions and process on Instagram.

Photo by Nick Clements

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