Angie Marchinkow is an artist based in British Columbia, Canada.

I was raised in an artistic home- my mother a music teacher, my father an artist (in denial) who taught me to paint with oil at a young age. Both have always been encouraging of self expression, both encouraged me to work with my heart and hands.

Since before studying Fine Arts at UBCO in 2003, my focus was 3-dimensional artwork; I had little interest in art class but blossomed backstage in theatre, creating props and sets. This led to a focus in sculpture and installation art in university; anything I could make and hold in my hands, and new environments to stand in, were my passion.

One could argue that my layered, textured paintings today are evidence of my obsession with tactile spaces.

I work mainly in acrylic and other media on large wood panels and canvases, drawing much of my inspiration from my physical and emotional experiences outdoors. I soak in my inspiration paddle boarding, climbing, camping, and hiking, documenting my experiences with emotive forms and marks.

The energy I create though these activities and through dancing, music, singing, and human interaction, is what drives my hands.

In the summer of 2019 I created “Ale & Abstract”, my own wine-and-paint style event, but with a twist; instead of wine and simple still life, I invite my guests to enjoy craft beer while I guide them through the creation of an abstract painting from start to finish. Everyone can and should open theirselves up through art at some point in their lives. My goal is to help expose more people to experiencing authentic emotional expression through the liberating practice of abstract painting. Art is important.

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Portraits by Trina Cary and Nick Clements