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Tapped In - a piece on visual thought

It measures 36 inches wide by 24 inches tall, created with soft pastel and acrylic paint on canvas. Layers of a teal haze, with drawn lines repeated, forming a directional pattern. A marigold shape overlays the repetition, boldly taking up space, with edges blending into surrounding space.

This work is an expression of the title itself, tapping in— what is the process of the mind when feeling tapped in? What senses are affected?

When I plan and calculate the future, when I process feeling, I think in pictures. Whether my eyes are open or closed, my gaze is still, while an entire image is conjured in my mind. Everything I touch becomes an image in space. Every interaction I experience seems to turn into colour and form, surrounding my body, suspended in a place I could reach out to and sweep past with a wave of an arm.

Tapped In becomes a visual representation of a hyperfocus, of simplification of though, of honing a skill. Taking part in a thought completely, no matter the level of intention or control. The pattern of a though, colourized. The marigold form: an interruption turned discussion; witnessing a conversation take place between contrasting ideas.

Painted from the position of an observer, an outsider to one's own mind. We humans are wonderful pattern finders, aren't we?

I have multiple sketches of this type of work, and have many pieces like this in my mind- I suspect it is the first of a new series.

Tapped In is currently available for purchase, with framing if desired. Become a Collector

— Angie


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