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Headshots for a (present-day) Greek myth

The show has been postponed for COVID precautions, but when it's finally running, The Virago Collective's present-day greek myth of Eurydice (written by Sarah Ruhl) should not be missed. I think we'll all be solidly due for some proper theatre-going, after this past year.

Actors Josie Morrow, Emily Hardy, and Amy Williams.
Eurydice actor, Elana Bizovie.

Directed by Angela Lavender, Eurydice will be played by Elana Bizovie, and the remaining cast members are Kevin Morrison, Damon Gregory, Matt Gunn, Emily Hardy, Josie Morrow, Amy Williams.

Composer, Windmills.

An original score of synth-driven melodies and lamenting piano has been written by Windmills. His compositions will tell the tale of the love lost between Orpheus and Eurydice as he performs it live on show nights. LIKE I SAID, when the theatre-going times are safe and solid, I think we'll be ripe and ready for a theatrical production with this combination of talent.

I had the opportunity to shoot the cast and crew's dramatic headshots, and it was a blast. Honestly, it was a sweaty blast. We shot at the end of the night, and the building's tight hours didn't allot for much time to acquaint myself with the dark space, set up my lights, and then shoot a whole list of group and single headshots of all 10 members- BUT- this experience was different in the best way... I was shooting expressive actors and a camera-comfortable composer, so it was probably the easiest group of people from whom to pull moody expressions, that I'll ever encounter.

Eurydice cast, with composer, Windmills.

Photographing theatre portraits was a refreshing combination of my passions. direct the subjects' chins, and suggest furrowed brows, puffed chests, and expressions of wistful longing... Portraiture is what originally drew me to diving deeper into photography, and my multimedia artistic background is rooted in theatre work (including stage managing). Honestly I think I just missed getting to boss actors around. (Am I joking? Maybe. Probably not.)

"An Interesting Man" played by actor Matt Gunn.

Sigh... Anyway, jokes about yelling at actors aside, The Virago Collective is an absolute delight, and I definitely plan to photograph more thespians and musicians in the near future, this was too much fun. (Yes, please contact me if you need headshots!)

- Ang


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