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The missing pieces (found)

I made a lot of art last year, and, well.. I forgot about some of it. In the whirlwind that was 2020 I somehow managed to FORGET about two, sort of three, paintings I made.

I went full-time artist last year, and as a multimedia artist, I tend to add to my beautiful plate quite often and sometimes before I've eaten much off of that plate. My brain and I deeply value routine and flow. Last year I was not in a flow. I was far from it. I was only just keeping my head above water, and in that time I scribbled and started an infinite list of projects that I love.

Amongst a thousand events- canceled events, lockdown, job loss, family member having a stroke, relationships ending- I had the rug pulled out from under me over and over. I have a poem about this. Some projects got canceled, and some, forgotten.

Please notice in the above that there is no mention of any of these things not being the end of the world. No. Through clenched (and then released) teeth, I have been opting for releasing, purging, allowing, and slowing. And this has saved me. I got rid of so much "stuff" last year, literally and figuratively.

I had the honour of painting adorable animals for several nurseries, as well as filling some homes with abstract pieces and poetry galore. Last year I launched what I call "Poems By Mail" so I could sneak my spirit into the homes of as many people as possible, that we may become connected through the same appreciation of beauty.

Amongst the lost pieces mentioned were the following three paintings, which I hadn't fully posted to my website before, and here they are, once and for all, for your enjoyment.

"Vivaldi, Recomposed", 36" x 48", mixed media on canvas (currently available for purchase)

"GETAWAY", 24" x 32", mixed media on canvas (commissioned/sold)

"Flavour Reverie", 36" x 48", mixed media on canvas (sold)

I'm grateful for every rug pulled out from under me, simply for the gift of time for

simplifying through reflection and gratitude. And I'm grateful for having the opportunity to remember these three pieces and feature them fully. I hope you enjoy them, too.

I hope your week is full of gratitude and adventure- through softness you can

handle a lot more than your brain wants you to think.



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