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Waves - Merging instrumental music & abstract painting, with Andrew Judah. (Get tickets now!)

We have a unique art viewing experience coming up, and you can get your tickets here.

Last summer, a composer and I connected on two things: the personal impact of the other's art, and our connection to water. Combining sound with painting, Waves was born.

Waves is a new collaborative series with composer Andrew Judah, blending his instrumental music and my abstract painting, with each artist's creation influencing the other's. One of us would start with a water-inspired idea, and the other would observe what they had created so far, to use it as inspiration for their own work in response.

What has resulted is a back-and-forth artistic conversation, where the work itself is created from the immersion in experiencing art in person, and its creation in real time. With the sound of the piano downstairs, I would pick up my paints and create from what I heard.

THE MUSIC: On June 24th, Andrew's songs of Waves, Pt. 1 will be available to stream on all music platforms. You can pre-save the songs here to be notified automatically.

THE ART: We are very excited to reveal the paintings (along with an evening of live music with musicians N. Sherman, Common Fires, and Andrew Judah) at Bright Jenny in Kelowna, BC, on July 9th.

It has been a pure delight creating these pieces together. Andrew Judah is a composer, multi-instrumentalist musician, and producer from British Columbia. Not only is he a songwriter, he also scores films and commercials (you can see which ones you recognize on his website). Connecting with him over the intention of tapping into various themes was easy; we discussed the imagery that came to mind when bringing up a certain feeling, and talked about the various elements we wished to highlight in our own work.

As we worked on our own pieces inspired by the other's, we would pause to reconnect for critique, pointing out what we experienced and saw so far.

A special thanks to Jackson Parker for his video and photographic storytelling- he captured our project so perfectly.

The reveal party is going to be a big night of experiencing and interpreting art in new ways, in person- we need more of that, and we're making it happen. We can't wait to see you there, and answer your questions in person! Subscribe to my mailing list to stay in the know as we release more information and the next paintings and songs in the series.




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