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Recalled Wisdom - A New Commission Piece

Along the journey to enlightenment, we find many bumps in the road. The biggest bump, it seems, being that we imagine there is a bump in our way. Obstacles to having, to achieving, to feeling, to being whole.

Or perhaps the belief that we are not whole. As though there lies a linear path to travel, or an order of things. "I can only be happy after I achieve X."

I recently completed a commissioned piece for someone who takes life so seriously that they look for opportunities in each day to play, to savour, to dance, and to feel. We learn this in childhood before all else. We are born with the instinct to eat and to ask for more, but as we grow we seem to pile on "responsibilities", "chosen paths", dulling our glow. We experience loss and pain, and grow a sense of distrust in our surroundings, carefully adhering meaning to every move we witness. But still, we are told to wisen up, trust, and try.

And yet, dancing, playing, trying... Learning to walk, trying a thousand times without questioning it. It seems like this is the wisdom we are searching for- is it that we are born with it? Is it something we are, but obstruct this idea with each moment of distrust?

Can we accept good things while feeling imperfect? Can we be healing, and succeeding?

The wise woman said "you can be both".

Is wisdom gained through knowledge, or is it remembered through the reduction of noise? We have so many experiences layered. The challenging ones can become like a thick, heavy coat, slowing us down, restricting our movement.

Then, through moments that send brighter air up our spines, we find ourselves throwing off layer after layer, releasing the weight. Arms free, a new path found by our familiar feet, in a breath,

off we go.


This piece is titled "Recalled Wisdom". It is a nod to our knowing.

36" x 60". Acrylic paint and soft pastel on canvas, 2022.

Angie Marchinkow


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