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Poems by (snail) Mail!

Emails, text messages, facetime, Zoom... what a time to be alive. We are completely connected, and yet feel depleted of human touch. So I created Poems By Mail, so you can hold my poems in your hand.

The thing is... I value touch.

I love touch.

I love writing poetry.

I love when my poetry touches its reader.

I love to write poetry that you can hold in your hand, touch, and know that another human– its author– held that same piece of paper, that piece of art.

So, my poems are now available to the public for $10 each (or just $5 for additional poems in the same envelope), by paper, envelope, and postal service.

It started when a couple friends told me through instagram chat that the words I was posting (which were, secretly, poems) resonated with them. I immediately started mailing them away, carefully wrapped and stamped with love. Cheesy, but, HEY, WHAT CAN I SAY, I'M A POET.

It's just that the earth's romance has been... depleted. I am doing my best to restock its shelves.

If you can't find the words, maybe mine will help? Browse my poetry gallery on my website, and share them, quote them, and if you feel so moved, order them to your home or to the home of a soulmate.

My poetry pairs well with moments savoured.

Happy reading, loves.

- Ang


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