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Paintings now on display in October

As part of the Culture Days program by The Rotary Centre for the Arts from October 1 - 25, six of my paintings will be on display in downtown Kelowna for free viewing at two locations:

Frock & Fellow

Opus Art Supplies

Part of the Culture Days activities includes a scavenger hunt around town, in partnership with wonderful local businesses who support local artists. With that, the paintings will be on display in the windows of those two lovely shops, so if you'd like to see my work in person, now is your chance to grab a local coffee and head downtown to shop local, or some any-hour window shopping!

As you spy around, you may notice how Frock & Fellow dressed their mannequins next to my art– notice something wonderfully colourful?

The team at Opus Art Supplies (Artist/Manager, Megan Roberts, pictured with me above) has been a huge support in my work as an artist, and they have some sales on right now that shouldn't be missed- canvases are discounted, and they have a brand new selection of oil sticks (this is a big deal to me- I've been waiting in excitement for this item!) and oil pastels, a beautiful selection of each. You can expect to see my work incorporate these items ASAP.

Be sure to tag me in your photos if you find my work downtown so I can join in your autumn art appreciation fun:

instagram: @angianajones

facebook: AngieMarchinkowArt

Happy strolling!

- Ang


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