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New old work - Our Older Selves

September 10, 2019

This winter I reminisced on who I imagined I would become today. In 1995 I imagined my dream girl- myself, at my best- and decided how would be the coolest way to love myself. I'm pretty sure it involved driving a jeep and being a paleontologist, but I was flexible about the profession. It was a toss-up between dinosaur bones, and teaching kindergarten while cartooning on the side. (I guess I'm a fan of variety.)

"Our Older Selves" - This piece was created with the past in mind, and the future, and the acknowledgement that neither exist.

A poem.


Stay soft.

Oh honey, I hope you see this in time.

Before you become so old, to have lived that 1 year 90 times.

Live new every day. Invite that discomfort when it comes your way.

Don’t keep vulnerability at arm’s length

just close enough to say you touched it

but not close enough to let it kiss you.

Angie Marchinkow, 2019


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