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Need a Valentine? My brand new online shop and newly added poems are LIVE!

Happy February, sweethearts! We made it through all 487 days of January, which means it's time to celebrate with copious amounts of cinnamon hearts, and then a probable stomach ache!

Valentine's Day is coming up quick, and I'm winking at you to let you know somewhat seductively and definitely awkwardly, that I just launched a brand new, much-easier-to-use-than-before online shop for my poems, (by popular request— thanks for waiting!)

So if you're looking for poetry to add to your box of local chocolates, local cheese box, or local bouquet of flowers, I've got plenty of sappy words for you to choose from to get your gushy point across.

I've also added a batch of brand new poems to my poetry gallery, and I've organized them into three tabs

for your browsing ease- poems for shared love, poems for healing, and poems for self-love, because there's more than one kind of love, isn't there?

Have a peek and let me know what you think, whether you're in the market for poems or not!

(I definitely appreciate you stopping by, and always love to hear your feedback.)

So if you're looking for poetry, whether you're the type who likes to celebrate love on Valentine's Day, or celebrate all types of love all year round, enjoy, and thanks for stopping by, I'm truly grateful to connect with you.

Oh right- I'd also like to further expose myself as the world's hugest softie, and share with you three of my romantic Spotify playlists. One is for dancin', one is for smoochin', and one is a mix from all the best romantic comedies:

Yep, I know. I'm not even embarrassed. Just go with it, guys. Don't make it weird.

So... tell the mirror you love them, tell your friends and family you love them, and definitely tell your partner (or partner-to-be) all the things you love about them with an open, vulnerable heart. Trust me when I tell you that the softness will make you stronger.

Trust love.


The girl who used to get in trouble for passing notes in class, and now passes notes professionally so people can find beauty in everyday things. (Pff, showed THEM.)



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