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Comfortable Predictability

February 21, 2019

I wrote something in September that I've found myself referencing regularly when talking to friends who are in the thick of it. It seems growth and opportunity is on everyone's mind, and my friends and I are gettin' wise.- we're figuring out that in order to improve our situations, we need only accept our realities and make space for new ones- make space for abundance and all kinds of wealth. It exists, and we deserve it. And we can work for it.

I'm going to keep this short and get right to it:

"Divorce, breakups, moving, becoming a parent, and changing jobs are all hard because it's an identity crisis; we adhere to patterns and routine for survival, and when they change, we panic. Our false sense of security is threatened, but that security is a mirage grown from predictability. So, trusting that there is so much more going on out there to tap into offers relief. Go and get it. Life goes on and gets even better, if you let it."



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