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Art + Fashion - "You Can't Just Take It"

Happy fall fashion season! Consider this my September Issue of the blog, since I am pleased to connect my art to fashion once more. As part of the Rotary Centre for the Arts' Culture Days "Downtown Kelowna Scavenger Hunt" event, one of my large works, "You Can't Just Take It" (36" x 48") will be on display in the window at Beach Ave clothing store.

The lovely shop it located at 293 Bernard Ave. If you're coming in for some new sweaters and gorgeous accessories, wonderful! If you're out walking the dog in the early fall morning hours, you can still see it on display right in the window facing the street.

Check it out next to some beautiful wearables, now until October 24th, and this piece is for sale.

Per the Rotary Centre's instructions for the event, "you can download the GooseChase app and find the hunt using code PBE6PK or pick up a paper copy at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. No registration is required."

There are lots of prizes from Dunnenzies, Mosaic Books, Bean Scene, Don't Look Down Tattoo, Opus Art Supplies, and other great businesses in Kelowna. Come for a little autumn window shopping stroll.

- Angie


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