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Ale & Abstract happening Nov 25th + Dec 9th!

I will be hosting Ale & Abstract on November 25th, and again on December 9th!

Tickets are now available on Eventbrite (click either date above), but seating is limited so grab 'em while they last! If you're interested but would like to pay by EMT (email money transfer) or with cash, please contact me directly by email.

We had so much fun and I got such positive responses with the summertime classes, I'm continuing this artistic adventure throughout the cold months so none of us go stir crazy indoors.

It's fall, and it basically becomes nighttime at 1pm (or at least it feels like it), which means it's time to find more ways to enjoy THE GREAT INDOORS.

Ale & Abstract is great if you want to try new things in a laid-back environment. This is your chance to join a no-experience-required class, where you can tap into your inner artist, explore new techniques, and learn about yourself, all in the comfort of a friendly brewery setting.

It's also great if you're looking to "give experience gifts" for Christmas, or if you're looking to only give homemade gifts, or if you're looking to fill that empty spot on your office wall! Triple whammy. All the whammies. Come join this expressive journey!

xoxo Angie


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