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Angie Marchinkow is an artist and poet based in British Columbia, Canada.

Angie was raised in a home where art was the norm. Her mother was a music teacher, and her father was a painter and artist-in-denial who taught her to paint with oil at a young age. Her childhood was filled with music and making, forest playing, and an imagination full of abstract, nonlinear thinking. She was taught that she could make life into absolutely anything.


Since before her Fine Arts studies began at UBCO in 2003, her focus was 3-dimensional artwork; she had little interest in art class, but blossomed backstage in theatre, creating props and sets. This led to a focus in sculpture and installation in university; she became interested in spaces and tactile visuals- anything that could enhance the viewer’s physical experience with the art.


Throughout the decades she turned to writing in many forms, namely poetry, prose, and movie scenes, as a means of both documenting and dissecting her personal experiences. This creative reflection brought her to both the easel and the typewriter.


She gives thanks to a temporary aversion to journaling, as it slid her pen over to movie scenes and poetry instead. Once she was given an old typewriter (which has since been replaced by her current relic) she wrote faster and faster, documenting her thoughts however she could shape them on the paper. The tactile nature of typewritten text quickly drew her into the beauty of writing, and the special experience of holding paper, knowing it was once touched by the person who wrote it.


In the studio, she draws much of her inspiration from her observations in nature, married to her internal emotional dialogue that interprets her experiences as they come. Hand in hand with her writing, her words have become a means of unfolding layers of what she paints on the canvas.


After an 8-year career managing translation content for a children's MMO with the Walt Disney Company, se took my adoration of the arts, process, and people, and spun 180° to dive head first into working full time as an artist and birth doula, giving her heart's professions the attention they deserve.

She currently works from her home studio in Kelowna, BC, where she collaborates with musicians, artists, and photographers as a multidisciplinary visual, photographic, and performing artist.

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