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Choose 1 poem from the poetry gallery to be packaged and mailed.



Poems are made-to-order, hand-typed on a typewriter. Paper types vary from the images shown online and will not match what you see in the poetry photo gallery exactly.

About the packaging:

Poems are arranged in a hand-folded envelope, decoratively sealed with wax, and mailed inside a larger envelope for protection. If being sent directly as a gift to someone, a peronalized note can be added to the larger envelope upon request, as you would with sending a note with delivered flowers. (Enter your note in the optional "Personal note to recipient" field on the right.)



At checkout, enter the destination for the package- if you are mailing it to yourself, then enter your own address. If it is a gift to be mailed directly to a loved one, enter their address.


Free shipping/postage, mailed via Canada Post.


Pick-up is an option, please email to get in touch.

One poem

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