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frequently asked questions

Buying original art

I'm interested in an original piece, may I see it in person first?

Absolutely! Simply contact me and we can set up a viewing at my studio or at your home (depending on the size of the art work)

Where are the prices?

Painting prices are available on request, and please do reach out to find out which pieces are available and their price! I'm happy to provide all the information to you with no pressure to purchase.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! For most (usually larger) works, payment can be split into multiple (monthly) payments.

How can I pay?

I accept PayPal, Email Money Transfer, or cash upon ordering.

I just purchased a piece and want it framed, where do I get that done in Kelowna?

I adore the teams at Opus Art Supplies and Robert's Framing. These are two wonderful, dependable local businesses who have helped me, and they can help you, too! They have gorgeous selections of frames, and helpful and informative staff who truly take care of you so you get exactly what you need.






What frame do you recommend?

I think this answer depends on your piece, and where it will hang! Ask yourself, do you want the frame to add a nice dark border to its edge, or does it have a lot of white around the edges and you'd like it to disappear into a white frame?

If you choose a darker frame, will it look good against your wall? Or would a lighter frame add a bit of pop?

For placement of the print, they look great inset with white borders, or printed edge-to-edge, or even inset in a large frame with an added mat cut around it. (So many options!)


Have a peek online at different styles and see what suits your home and personal style best! And as always, ask me for any help you need, I'm happy to check out photos of your walls and give my two cents.

Art Rentals

I'm staging a home, do you rent your art out?

Yes! Rentals can be monthly or quarterly, and rental charges are a percentage of the the art work's original price. Contact me for pricing, as it depends on the piece.

Ordering Prints

Do you have the prints, or are they made-to-order?

Prints are made-to-order to avoid waste. Once ordered, they generally take 5-15 business days to arrive.

For ready-made frames, what colours are available?

Canvas frames are available in a painted wood, black or white.


Paper prints have different frames that you can browse on my prints page, except for certain sizes that only come in a black wood veneer (those ones have a * next to their price in the list.)

How deep are the canvases?

Canvas prints are 1.5" deep off the wall so it can be framed, or hung directly on the wall without a frame.

Does the image wrap around the edge of the canvas?

No, the printed canvas edges come in white, but can be printed black upon request.

What kind of paper is used?

Giclée fine art prints are on a high quality fine art paper with a very slight texture.

What if I choose a frame style that does not match the edge dimensions of the painting I want printed?

When the ratio of the print doesn't match the frame, the print image is inset with a white border (see frame image examples below), or can be printed edge-to-edge with some cropping.

Another option is requesting to have it inset with a mat, available upon request.


Do you ship prints?

Yes! Depending on the dimensions of the print, shipping varies from anywhere from $15-$40 CAD, and parcel insurance is available as well (which is dependent on the print cost.)

I do not recommend shipping framed prints because of the likelihood of the glass breaking and damaging the print, too. Instead, I recommend you take your print to a local frame shop.

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